Chapter 15: In Conclusion

This wrap-up section pulls the material together for one last review of where the industry is now, and where it’s heading. When you finish this section, you’ll have a complete understanding of the 10 principles of the Functional Movement System. These principles will guide you in learning and training authentic movement.

In this clip from the FMS: Applying the Model to Real Life Examples DVD set, Gray discusses one of the movement principles, working at the edge of ability.


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Gray recently expanded on the movement principles found in Chapter 15, which you’ll find here in this pdf of the full set of 10 Movement Principles. Here’s the short version PDF.


  • A Chance at Authentic Movement
  • The Business of Exercise and Rehabilitation
  • Principles Versus Methods
  • If We Build It, They Will Come
  • Functional Movement System Principles
  • Technical Confidence Versus Systematic Authority
  • The Amazing Movement-Learning Brain
  • The Dysfunctional Movement-Learning Brain
  • The Wisdom of Our Ancestors

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