Chapter Eight: SFMA Assessment Breakout Descriptions and Flowcharts

Taking 58 pages and 66 photographs to cover the SFMA breakouts will serve to remind medical professionals of the individual assessments, and at the same time make fitness trainers and strength coaches aware of the tests used by professionals to whom they refer clients and athletes. The rationale for each of the breakout regions will pull the process together for you as it simplifies the overall approach.

The book downloads section, here, will supply you with the SFMA score sheets and flow charts.


  • Mobility Problems
  • Stability Problems
  • Flowcharts
  • The SFMA Breakouts
  • Cervical Spine Movement Pattern Breakouts
  • Upper Extremity Pattern Breakouts
  • Multi-Segmental Flexion Breakouts
  • Multi- Segmental Extension Breakouts
  • Lower Body Extension Breakouts
  • Upper Body Extension Breakouts
  • Multi-Segmental Rotation Breakouts
  • Hip Rotation Breakouts
  • Tibial Rotation Breakouts
  • Single-Leg Stance Breakouts
  • Vestibular and Core Breakouts
  • Ankle Breakouts
  • Overhead Deep Squat Breakouts
  • Rolling Breakouts

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