Chapter One: Introduction to Screening and Assessment

This introductory chapter builds the foundation you’ll need to fully understand the purpose of screening movement. You’ll learn the concept of movement patterns and how to recognize these patterns in action, as well as the history and primary goals of movement screening.

In the video above—
In this 24-minute clip, Gray discusses the purpose of the book, and provides an overview of each of the segments of this long introductory chapter.

Gray Cook’s IFOMPT Keynote Address

The 2012 International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists Conference was held in Quebec in October 2012. Gray Cook was a keynote speaker. His talk was recorded and provided to us by the Canadian Physical Therapists Association, which you’ll find at You’ll also find the other session audio files at that link. We thank them for allowing us to republish this talk.

You can also download the transcript pdf, here, or read it online here on

Chapter Contents

  • The Practice of Movement Screening and Assessment
  • Body Parts Versus Movement Patterns
  • The Movement Versus Motion Paradox
  • Movement is Our Business
  • Systems Versus Programs
  • Movement Screening Models
  • Function Versus Anatomy
  • Dysfunction, Pain and Rehabilitation
  • The FMS History
  • Recognizing Patterns
  • The Five Basic Principles
  • Overview of the Functional Movement System Goals

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