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“Gray has the ability and charisma to reach any audience. Another of those WhizKid PTs, Gray has singlehandedly changed coaches in every professional sport. Because of Gray, the Functional Movement Screen is now the gold standard screening tool in our industry.” ~ Michael Boyle, author of Advances in Functional Training

“The movement of the human body is something that inspires wonder in many sciences. Movement: Functional Movement Systems discusses the details of human movement through the eyes of a physical therapist. Focusing on the function of movement in its many forms, Cook brings many values and measurements to the table, such as the strenuousness of some movement, systems to measure this, applying corrective therapy when problems emerge, and why movement is more complex than a simple mechanical process. Scholarly, useful, and intriguing discussion about the highly complex human muscular system, Movement is a resource that should be considered by any physical therapist.” ~Midwest Book Review

“Gray Cook has changed things. You might not know it, but things are different now. I’ve been in sport since LBJ was in office and I have been wondering something for a long time: What’s wrong? Yep, that’s it. Why does this hurt when I do that? How come I can’t just do X? Gray has the answer in his new book, Movement. Right from the start, he tells me what I have been doing wrong for way too long: First move well, and then move often. His performance pyramid alone is worth the time and energy to read the book. But, my favorite part of the text is Self Limiting Activities. It’s not a cure all section, but, for me, it was a blueprint to think about exercise in a whole new light: something that actually moves while working on the quality of movement. If you understand what I wrote, bless you. Otherwise, read the section! I keep expanding my “Must Have” Library. Tommy Kono’s book? Check. Keys to Progress? Check. Boyle’s new book on exercise? Check. Cerutty on Training? Check. Power to the People and Return of the Kettlebell? Check and Check. Check out Cook’s new book. Push your bookends out a little wider. It’s a keeper.” ~ Dan John, author of Never Let Go

“Exercise and rehabilitation time is valuable—too valuable not to use a system. Gray Cook’s Movement uses a systematic approach to exercise and rehabilitation built on the fundamentals of authentic human movement.” ~ Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

“How does one go about writing a review of a Gray Cook book? I mean really, where do you even start? I have read the book about ten times by now and still wondered where to begin. Staring at a blank page, I kept thinking about the monstrous task of doing it justice. There is so much knowledge packed into these pages it boggles the mind. So I decided to do something a bit different and give you a perspective of this book and how it has changed the way I practice medicine. The application of the principles contained in this book has changed the lives of many people — real world people I see every day in my clinic. People who have suffered in pain for years now have their quality of life restored because of the applied principles in this book.

Movementwas a paradigm shift for me as a clinician. Gray opened my eyes to the wonders of human movement and the systems necessary to understanding it. This was the system I had been searching for in determining why people were getting injured, and why their pain syndromes kept returning. People asked, “Why does my pain keep coming back?” and I never had an answer. That is… until I discovered Movement. ~ Dr. Perry Nickelston

“Gray’s premise is beautiful in its simplicity: Training movement can fix muscles, but training muscles rarely fixes movement. Since all of sport is movement, his 80/20 approach is then astounding in its effectiveness. For the time invested, the FMS and its cousins are the best tools I’ve seen for producing bullet-proof athletes and pain-free non-athletes in record time.” ~ Tim Ferriss, author of the #1 NY Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek

“I was skeptical when Gray and Lee first took me through the screening process. But by bringing out my weak spots, this honest evaluation told them exactly what I needed to work on. They taught me to think of my body in a different way, proving trainers and therapists don’t need fancy equipment to do a good evaluation.” ~ Michelle Wie, Professional Golfer

“Once a decade a book comes out that you will keep reading, rereading, and crowding with notes until it falls apart. Then you buy a new copy and enthusiastically start over. In the 1990s it was Verkhoshansky and Siff’s Supertraining. In the 2000s McGill’s Ultimate Back. Enter the 2010s and Gray Cook’s Movement. It is a game changer.” ~ Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell!

“We have integrated many of Gray Cook’s movement principles and corrective strategies into our programs to help accomplish our mission of preserving and maintaining the Commander’s combat power. The FMS screening and assessment tols are very useful in establishing the baseline for our performance training system.” ~ Mike Strock, US NAVY, Human Performance Consultant

“I use the Functional Movement Screen in my work with training professional football players, and you can use it for your work with hearty athletes, personal training clients and rehabilitation patients as well. It’s that versatile, that effective and that appealing… Everything we do at the Indianapolis Colts is built on a Functional Movement Screen base—it’s the foundation of our program.” ~ Jon Torine, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Indianapolis Colts

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