Chapter 13: Movement Pattern Corrections

Chapter 13 builds on your knowledge of basic mobility and stability corrections and movement pattern retraining. Using passive, active and assistive techniques, you’ll be able to help your clients, athletes and patients recover lost mobility. Understanding stability and motor control, transitional postures and using facilitation techniques such as reactive neuromuscular training will give you the tools to challenge that new mobility. You’ll also become proficient at rolling after practicing the material in this rich chapter.


  • Basic Mobility Corrections
  • Passive & Mobility Corrections
  • Assistive Mobility Corrections
  • Basic Stability, Motor Control Corrections
  • Postures for Stability Corrective Exercise
  • Rolling
  • FMS Rolling
  • SFMA Rolling
  • Static and Dynamic Stabilization Corrections
  • Transitional Posture—Static Stability
  • Dynamic Stability Corrections
  • Summary of Stability Corrections

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