Chapter 14: Advanced Corrective Strategies

Finally, in the 24 pages of Chapter 14, you’ll learn how to make corrective exercise an experience. This is how corrective exercise actually works in the human body, and the thorough discussion found in this chapter will teach you how to create this for your clientele. Using PNF, RNT, reverse patterning, conscious loading, resisted and self-limiting exercises, you’ll grasp the concept of the manageable mistake zone, and you’ll be able to use these ideas and techniques to stand out in your crowded professional field.

Here’s a TED Talk in which neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert describes how the brain controls movement, and how little we know about how that works:


  • Movement Learning Considerations
  • The Manageable Mistake Zone
  • A Corrective Experience Case Study
  • The Paranoid System and the Clueless System
  • Corrective System Overview
  • Mobility Framework
  • Stability Framework
  • The Deadlifting Experience
  • Training Wheels
  • Advanced Corrective Strategies
  • Movement Pattern Retraining
  • Reverse Patterning (RP)
  • Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT)
  • Conscious Loading (CL)
  • Resisted Exercise (RE)
  • Movement Learning

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