Chapter 12: Building the Corrective Framework

This chapter provides a checklist for your corrective decisions: pain, purpose, posture, position, pattern and plan. Even though every person’s movement is unique, without this framework, your corrective path will not be as clear as it could be. You’ll also become familiar with the basic structure involving special considerations and populations that may make up part of your client or patient base.

Episodes 10 & 11 of Gray Cook Radio covered breathing and heart rate variability, which you can listen to here or right-click to save to your computer: Episode 10 and Episode 11. Weekly updates to Gray Cook Radio are available on iTunes.


  • The Six Ps of Corrective Exercise
  • Pain
  • Purpose
  • Posture
  • Position
  • Pattern
  • Plan
  • Learning Movement or Doing Movement
  • Special Considerations and Populations
  • Just Do It
  • Movement Psychology Theory
  • Screening the Breath

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