Chapter 11: Developing Corrective Strategies

Now that you’ve discovered dysfunctional patterns in your clients, athletes and patients, the next section will guide you in the corrective decisions that make up the three primary categories of mobility, stability and movement pattern retraining. You’ll get comparisons of conditioning and corrective exercise, movement prep and movement correction, skill training and corrective prioritization, and understand when each is appropriate.


  • Tension and Tone
  • Dysfunctional Patterns
  • The FMS and Corrective Exercise
  • The SFMA and Corrective Exercise
  • Corrective Exercise and Functional Exercise
  • Putting the Function in Functional Exercise
  • Conditioning Exercise, Corrective Exercise and Movement Prep
  • Conditioning Exercise
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Movement Preparation
  • Skill Training, Conditioning and Corrective Exercise
  • Movement Preparation Versus Movement Correction
  • FMS Corrective Prioritization
  • SFMA Corrective Prioritization
  • Developing a Corrective Toolbox

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