Chapter 10: Understanding Corrective Strategies

This begins the wrap-up: What do you do with the resulting screen and assessment information? The 20 pages of Chapter 10 comprise the performance pyramid and how to use it to form your corrective strategies. Understanding the differences between correct and corrective exercises, between challenging versus difficult, and having a selection of self-limiting exercises in your exercise menu will give you confidence as you assign and program exercises.

In on page 233 of Movement, you’ll find this list of self-limiting exercises. Gray further discusses the concept of structured limitation in this video with Brett Jones.

In this excerpt from Movement, Gray covers the concept of self-limiting exercise.

This new article, The Great Equalizers, further develops the idea of natural limitations in training.

In this excerpt from Athletic Body in Balance, Gray expands on the concept of self-limiting exercise as he writes of jumping rope. This 2003 section was his first published discussion of self-limiting exercise.

Episode 3 of Gray Cook Radio also covered self-limiting exercise, which you can listen to here or right-click to save to your computer. Weekly updates to Gray Cook Radio are available on iTunes, here.


  • Common Corrective Exercise Mistakes
  • Movement Alchemy
  • Screen and Assessment Correctness
  • Beginning with Exercise Basics
  • The Performance Pyramid
  • Over-Powered Performance Pyramid
  • Under-Powered Performance Pyramid
  • Under-Skilled Performance Pyramid
  • Optimum Performance Pyramid
  • Using the Performance Pyramids
  • Short-Term Response Versus Long-Term Adaptation
  • Corrective Exercise Progressions
  • Increasing Difficulty
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • What Exercises to Remove from the Program
  • Corrective Exercise is Supplemental
  • Exercises: Correct Versus Corrective
  • Correct Exercise
  • Self-Limiting Exercise
  • Self-Limiting Activities
  • Challenging Versus Difficult
  • The Goals of Corrective Exercise

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