Chapter Six: Functional Movement Screen Descriptions

The chapter used to cover the FMS will teach you the seven basic screens in detail, including where to stand, what to watch for during the movements and how to plan your modifications. You’ll get a description of each screen, the purpose of each, tips for testing, implications and photographs showing how to score each test.

In this clip from the FMS: Applying the Model to Real Life Examples DVD set, Gray discusses how to simplify the screen for populations who don’t move optimally.


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The book downloads section, here, will supply you with the FMS score sheet, scoring criteria and verbal instructions.


  • The FMS Test List
  • The FMS Scoring Sheet
  • Deep Squat Movement Pattern
  • Hurdle Step Movement Pattern
  • Inline Lunge Movement Pattern
  • Shoulder Mobility Reaching Movement Pattern
  • Clearing Exam
  • Active Straight-Leg Raise Movement Pattern
  • Trunk Stability Pushup Movement Pattern
  • Clearing Exam
  • Rotary Stability Movement Pattern
  • Clearing Exam
  • Functional Movement Screen Conclusion
  • Increased Activity Risk
  • Movement Screen Modifications
  • Modification Hierarchy

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