Chapter Three: Understanding Movement

In Chapter 3, you’ll gain an appreciation of the natural laws of basic movement before specific, with an overview of how to use screening, testing and assessment to classify movement proficiency or deficiency. You’ll also get a summary of the differences between the two systems, the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).

In the six videos—

  • Gray’s Introduction of Dr. Ed Thomas
    Gray introduces the next section, an hour with Dr. Ed Thomas, who is an expert in the foundation of physical education. The following clips include Dr. Thomas’ overview of his collection of extremely rare photographs, 2:40.

  • Ed Thomas – Part 1
    In this first part, Dr. Thomas covers some of the history of organized fitness programs, physical culture, and performance standards, 9:58.

  • Ed Thomas – Part 2
    Here Dr. Thomas discusses the evolution of gyms, training and systems in the more recent decades, including many classic photos of big, open gym floors with ropes, clubs and bodyweight drills, 10:48.

  • Ed Thomas – Part 3
    Next we learn how physical fitness entered the school systems, and see some of the women’s training of the late 1800s. We see the beginning of equipment manufacturing and the shift from physical training to sports and games in the 1920s, 13:45.

  • Ed Thomas – Part 4
    Moving into the more recent years, Dr. Thomas shows the current state of fitness, and its purposes: national productivity, homeland security and cultural evolution, 12:36.

  • Ed Thomas – Q&A with Attendees
    This section finishes with an open question and answer session between the college students and Dr. Thomas, wrapping up with his opinion on the state of fitness today and in our future, 8:37.

Chapter Contents

  • Movement Knowledge Versus Exercise Knowledge
  • The Two Functional Movement Systems
  • Basic Movement Before Specific
  • Understanding Perspectives Activities, Exercises and Athletics
  • Difficulty Versus Challenge
  • A Professional Crossroads
  • Diseases, Injuries and Ailments
  • Thin- Slicing
  • A Glance at Screening, Testing and Assessment
  • Overview of the Systems
  • Movement Assessment
  • Outline of the Functional Movement System
  • Functional Movement Screen: FMS
  • The Clinical System—Selective Functional Movement Assessment: SFMA
  • Creating Functional Movement Standards

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